this is winter greenery

*Green minestrone: kale, chard, celery, zucchini, spinach, green peas, leeks, garlic, onions, cannellini beans, vegetable stock, olive oil

*Best eaten with crusty bread and a poached egg with smoked paprika. You poke the yolk when it's in the soup, and the yolk breaks and all that yellow liquidy goodness spills out into the minestrone and infuses the soup with the most delicious flavor...mmmm...

*(or you go multicultural and drink the minestrone alongside a box of sushi like I did once for lunch)


  1. Holy WOW!
    I've never seen anything so healthy, yet so delicious-looking...

  2. I'm screaming YES right now! This looks so tasty and healthy. Minestrone is one of my favorite soups.

    I guess we're green kindred spirits too!
    Hey, I want to meet that guy who sells the sweet potatoes by your house. I need a man like that in my life :)