this is a Naomi burger

*On the last day of 2010, my sister requested a hamburger.

*The makings of a Naomi burger, 100% homemade, from top to bottom:
(1) sesame hamburger buns (flour, milk, butter, water, sugar, salt, yeast, egg yolk wash)
(2) california avocado
(3) caramelized onions
(4) bbq broccoli & carrot slaw (broccoli, carrot, homemade bbq sauce = ketchup, honey, apple cider vinegar, dijon mustard, chili powder, paprika, japanese mayonnaise, pepper)
(5) hand-formed beef patty

Note: By the grace of God, I received a midnight delivery a few nights ago with my laptop computer + cameras. So thankful.

Megan - for the chocolate torte base, I followed this cake base recipe (didn't use her mousse though). I didn't use recipes for the nutella mousse or the peppermint creme, but I could try to write them out and send them to you if you'd like!


  1. your blog is AMAZING! it makes me hungry hahaha! added it to the list of blogs I love... :)

    xx, Marella

  2. That is crazy-delicious sounding. I have a friend who makes amazing sandwiches/burgers all the time, and I doubt he'd thought of bbq broccoli slaw (but I know he would LOVE it).