this is the start of a new year


homemade everything

*meats: rack of lamb // bacon // smoked salmon
*eggs: prosciutto and spinach frittata (with sour cream, freshly grated parmesan) // mushroom onion spinach omelette
*breads: whole wheat molasses bread // english muffin white bread // sour cream coffee cake
*sides: bean and tomato salad (cilantro honey lemon vinaigrette) // roasted herbed potatoes (thyme, italian seasoning) // cranberry almond ginger spiced granola (with sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, candied ginger, maple syrup)
*extras: yogurt // bananas // blueberries // assorted chocolates (Florentine Majani chocolates, candy cane kisses)
*condiments: homemade nutella with whole roasted hazelnuts // strawberry jam // chive cream cheese // butter // Tuscan olio nuovo // balsamic vinegar // almond butter // parmesan cheese
*drinks: orange juice // milk // coffee // tea

**i don't have many pictures because i was cooking the entire time

marella - thank you for the sweet compliments. so kind of you.

heather - the key to the bbq broccoli slaw is the mayonnaise and letting it marinate for a good 20 minutes. otherwise the broccoli retains a very raw taste (which I don't like). i am loving the international recipes on your blog. i am so fascinated by foreign cuisine.


  1. WHY WHY WHY wasn't I around?! Ugh. This looks absolutely delightful!

  2. Hi Natalie,
    It's amazing you cooked all of that. How nice!
    I'd love to try that granola :)