this is what i would like to call whimsy

*I have always tried to be a routine-kind of person. I would love to establish a methodical way of starting the day, but alas, after twenty years, that still has not happened. There are certain peculiar things that I do every morning after getting out of bed, like checking email and weather on my phone as I am peeing. Then I brush my teeth and wash my face, drink some water, and that is as consistent as it gets.

*One morning this week, I decided just to sit on my red yoga mat and eat a green apple with cinnamon (I probably consume way more cinnamon than necessary) before changing and heading down to breakfast in the dining hall.

*What is your morning routine?

I'm going to start doing replies again in my posts - does anyone know of how I could reply to comments via email?

joanne - Drowning in cookbooks sounds soooo good to me... what a wonderful addiction. I think it would be amazing to be a part of a cookbook exchange club - how cool would that be? (but yes i have a severe obsession with borrowing cookbooks from the public library as well) - and I love discovering vintage cookbooks, "granny"-type recipes (Marion Cunningham's Breakfast Book is my favorite).

marella - you might enjoy these links: http://www.theselby.com/1_15_11_Favorite2010/slides/4_2_09_karl_lagerfeld06407.jpg, http://hookedonhouses.net/2008/02/05/a-rainbow-of-books-organizing-by-color/

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  1. I mostly reset my alarm first and then it depends on what day it is. Then there are two kinds of routines. In case I have to go to work: I get dressed, check my emails while having breakfast and then it's all the bathroomstuff. When I don't have to work: I check my emails and either have a quick breakfast or a large brunch. Then I plan out my free day.

    I'd love to have a routine, but I don't always wake up at the same hour (due to different workhours).