this is a spring in my step

*I'm back home in California for spring break... a week of being a happy homebody.

*Unsurprisingly, I have been mainly cooking and eating, which is the most enjoyable way to relax.

*First morning back, I made gingerbread oatmeal pancakes. Eaten with lots of butter, almond butter, and Italian acacia honey.

*This morning, I made a tofu-onion-egg frittata. caramelized onions, of course. With brown mustard, paprika, and a dash of cayenne.

*The fruit in California is always better than I can possibly imagine. I belong in California.


  1. You do belong in California. :)

    Your photos (like always) blow me away. They are so simplistic and beautiful. Beyond words.

    Enjoy your spring break!

  2. I completely agree. California fruit is unparalleled.

    I JUST went to our international farmer's market which is more like a warehouse of great organic and local fruit... then I found out that the majority of fruit I bought was from California...