this is family dinner

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*My contributions to family dinner last night:
(1) Marinated kale salad with shredded carrots, sesame seeds, and pumpkin seeds
(2) Misshapen chickpea fritters (with garam masala, onions, carrots, garlic)

*So much good food—especially the salmon tails, which we got for free at the farmers' market on Saturday morning. No one wants the tails—they're practically considered leftovers, or trash parts —but I like them (my mom fried them until they were super crispy) because that's where all the salmon fat is. And I like eating the skin too. I have strange taste in food.


  1. Such a beautiful meal! I love how you got the salmon tails for free :)

  2. your chickpea fritters looks amazing. I would love to try them!