this is turkish delight

*It was President's day and we all felt relieved because we had the day off from school. 4-day weekends and 3-day weeks are nice, though it throws your whole rhythm off a little bit.

*It was snowing and no one could wake up, but we still took the bus out to Watertown for brunch at Sofra.

*I was really craving breakfast food, but by the time we got there, breakfast had ended and they were only serving lunch. But I'm a breakfast person and can't start the day without it, so I ended up buying a whole bag of granola and a whole container of labne yogurt (oh, it is so rich and creamy - my friend said it was like eating sour cream, which I am okay with doing), and rounded that out with a little bit of savory: a kale and bean soup.

*We also shared some mezze platters, with crispy fried sesame crackers for dipping. There were flatbread wraps and morning buns, and the light through the windows was real nice.

*The best thing I had though was the cocoa rose tea, and I had to buy a little container of it to take home. I loved all the spices and was so tempted to spend all of my money on the dark-roasted tahini.

*Will be going back to re-claim my breakfast. This is only one little episode in my Middle-Eastern love affair.


  1. I LOVE turkish food and seeing these gorgeous pictures was the perfect way to start off my morning. Turkish delight, for sure.

  2. it looks very delicious, great pictures !

  3. I like to eat avocado with soy sauce too !

  4. mmm ! Love the pictures, it looks so cosy.