this is a bon hiver

*This is one of the snowiest winters Cambridge has seen for a long time. There are mountains of snow everywhere, and walking to class has become a treacherous sport.

*Winter is here to stay for a good while. snowstorms have become weekly occurrences...

*Some days we are lucky enough to have a little bit of golden sunshine, but even then the snow banks do not melt.

*On dreary, grey days, when going outside feels like a death sentence, it is nice to just stay in my pajamas all day and sit on my bed drinking hot tea.

*Christmas spice tea from Fortnum & Mason, Italian lemon honey (miele di limone), and a hand-painted saucer from South Africa.


  1. The days are also grey here to, we also had snow but that's already a while ago. There is so much snow where you live, i don't think there willevery fall so much where I live. Hope you have a nice sunday with a good cup of tea.

  2. Do you order your tea online or is there a US mechanism to get F&M without the 20-pound shipping?

  3. @Max I actually purchased the tea while I was visiting London. There may be specialty/gourmet food shops in the US (mostly in large cities) that stock F&M tea, but unfortunately, I do not know of a convenient online ordering method. Let me know though if you do discover one!