these are things i like, march edition

These are the things I ate and liked: 

"sea butter" -- sliced raw scallops in fruity olive oil with dill, capers, raw onions

buckwheat waffle with marscapone and honey

hass avocado, pink grapefruit
at home

napoletana pizza with tomato, young kalamata, anchovy

These are the spaces I went to and liked: 

at Golden Gate Park

James' fishing boat

Heath Ceramics factory transformed
for Butcher, Baker, & Candlestick Maker dinner
18 Reasons


home sweet home

"The moment when a limit is reached, when there is nothing ahead but darkness: something comes in to help that is not real. Another way all this is like madness: a mad person not helped out of his trouble by anything real begins to trust what is not real because it helps him and he needs it because real things continue not to help him."
-Lydia Davis

Now that the sun has set and the rain has abated,
And every porch light 

                                 in the neighborhood is lit,
Maybe we can invent something; I’d like a new

Way of experiencing the world, a way of taking 
Into myself the single light shining at the center 

Of all things without losing the dense, eccentric 
Planets orbiting around it.

                                 What you’d like is a more 
Attentive lover, I suppose—. Too bad that slow,

Wet scorch of orange blossoms floating towards 
The storm drain is not a vein of stars...we could 

Make a wish on one of them; not that we would 
Wish for anything but the impossible.

-Jay Hopler


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